Clean Sky’s PRODIGE project: advanced wind tunnel tests for new Virtual Certification methodologies

Nicola Paletta, Coordinator of PRODIGE, Thomas Delille, Topic Manager from Dassault Aviation and Sonell Shroff, Project Officer from Clean Sky 2, discuss the PRODIGE project progress and challenges targeting high-Re transonic wind tunnel tests for new Virtual Certification methodologies.

The design, manufacture and instrumentation of an innovative wind tunnel model for transonic tests in cryogenic conditions, and the execution of the test campaign in ETW are the remit of Clean Sky’s PRODIGE project which kicked off in March 2018. Coordinated by IBK, it is successfully tackling a complex set of technical challenges to accurately and reliably measure hinge-moments in transonic conditions at flight Reynolds number, with the aim to feed the development of more reliable computational methods to foster new Virtual Certification approaches.

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