Developing flight-physics solutions for next-generation aircraft

IBK has developed solutions to improve methods/ models/ tool in aeronautics in the fields of flight-physics, structural mechanics and aerodynamics leading to a significant improvement of customers development processes over the last 30 years.

Thorough industrial, as well as public funded and co-funded research projects, IBK has developed a consolidated internal know-how on flight physics from both numerical and experimental points of view.

Customers and Stakeholders gain benefits from cooperating with IBK for a wide range of needs and applications, such as:

  • Flight Loads evaluation, automation of processes and numerical model upgrades
  • Load alleviation, development of innovative controllers, and system architectures
  • Aerodynamic performance, design and analysis of systems to improve the aerodynamic behaviour (patent for ACD)
  • Aerodynamic design and shape optimization
  • Aeroelastic performance of conventional and unconventional A/C configurations
  • Wind Tunnel model development for most of the Wind Tunnels in Europe and Worldwide
  • Wind Tunnel Test Campaign Management
  • Innovative solutions for WT models
    • remote controlled mechanisms for WT model automation
    • integration and design of measurement devices such as local balances
    • optimization of model instrumentation
  • Design and Development of sensor suites for load monitoring and flight control systems (strain gauges for load recovery and accelerometers for modal identification)

The work is always performed on time and with the highest quality in terms of technical outcomes, by using both commercial software, chosen over the most adopted ones in aerospace/ industrial sectors such as NASTRAN, PATRAN, ADINA, Rhinoceros, CENTAUR, TAU, and CATIA V5, as well as routines and codes in-house developed by using C++, Python and Matlab®.

IBK Employees and managers work as a unique team, which moves in the same direction and with shared goals, that are, among the others, to see the customer satisfaction and be a unique and different company, with its own essence, its own DNA.

The passion and the attitude to get all the talent everyone has, encouraging creative thinking and brainstorming among IBK engineers and managers, are the key to the success of IBK developed technologies.