This page lists some examples of projects IBK is working on.


The T-WING project is aimed at developing, manufacturing, testing, and qualifying an Innovative Composite Wing for the Technology Demonstrator (TD) of the Next Generation Civil Tilt Rotor (NGCTR), performing at the same time studies on the scalability potential of the proposed solutions for the exploitation of the technologies on the full-scale aircraft.

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PRODIGE is aimed at producing experimentally accurate loads and hinge moment data at high Mach and flight Reynolds numbers, as a result of an experimental test campaign to be performed in the European Transonic Wind (ETW) tunnel.

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In ESICAPIA an aerodynamic characterization of a Green Regional Aircraft configuration comprising laminar-flow technology as well as rear-mounted turbofans was performed by means of wind-tunnel tests, with a special emphasis on innovative solutions for high-lift devices.

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