IBK participated to the EASN CONFERENCE, this year organized as a Virtual Conference with participations by remote for the Covid-19 pandemic, from the 2nd to the 4th of September, by presenting the CA3ViAR project and its first results, together with other scientific topics performed in the framework of three different projects, T-WING, POLITE and PRODIGE.

The activities have been performed by joint teams of IBK, made of people coming from both Hamburg and Nurnberg sites, and with the support of external partners contributing to the four projects.

Indeed, one representatives of IBK, Nicola Paletta, coordinator of the CA3ViAR project, has made the presentation entitled "CA3ViAR: a step forward towards modelling and testing aerodynamic and aeroelastic instabilities experienced by Low Transonic Fans made of composite material". The full presentation can be downloaded by clicking here


The other works co-authored by IBK are:

  • S. Russo, J. Kirchner, G. Graumann, S. Adden, N. Paletta, “A CSM-CFD methodology applied to the design of a cryogenic WT” – PRODIGE project
  • S. Russo, J. Mueller, J. Alderman, N. Paletta, S. Adden, L. P. Ruiz-Calavera, “A CFD study on the strut Interference on a regional aircraft wind-tunnel model” – POLITE project
  • A. Cardozo, J. Beretta, N. Paletta, S. Adden, M. Belardo, A. Chiariello, L. Di Palma, “Preliminary studies of flight sensoring for loads and aeroelastic parameters estimation of the NGCTR-TD wing” – T-WING project
  • Belardo M., Diodati G., Beretta J., Paletta N., Giuliani V., Orlando S., Ariola P., Graziano M., Pezzella C., Di Palma L., “On the wing design of NGCTR-TD” – T-WING project


It has been a great opportunity to “virtually” meet valuable and enthusiastic people working on very interesting R&D projects, exchange ideas and create the basis for future fruitful cooperation in the amazing world of the European Aerospace Research.